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Today Smart Bitches, Trashy Books redefines Amazon Rank.

Read more here, here, here, here, etc.

ETA: Removed my Amazon links for Recent Books in protest. Should’ve been linking to the publishers’ websites (or affiliates) anyway! Amazon takes a big cut from publishers’ profits, too–always better to buy direct if you can. If you’d rather buy via a retailer, here’s a list of non-Amazon online bookstores. Also, there’s a possibility Powell’s may have a sale on LGBT books!

(In other news, I don’t know why my Twitter feed is no longer showing up….)


I should try to update this more than once a month….

Things that have happened since my last update:

  • The trade volume of Higurashi 1 was released! Check out the 4-page color insert toward the end. Glad that made it back in. 🙂
  • Broccoli USA is shutting down. 😦 This is very sad; not only did they produce some excellent books (and – to be selfish for a moment – I was looking forward to Cigarette Kisses), but I really liked the couple of people I met who worked there. I hope they are doing okay!
  • I finished Higurashi 3 and Mr. Flower Groom. Whew. Volumes 3 and 4 of Higurashi are a real pain to clean (lots of text over art/tone), but I think (hope) my cleaning is improving. I am pretty pleased with volume 4 especially (so far!). By the way, both these volumes will be printed from the original Japanese files (rather than scanned books), so the quality in general will be better and less art will be trimmed off.
  • I got a page in the Anime News Network database. Hee! (Yes, I updated it myself, but it’s still missing some things; oddly, The Devil’s Secret is not in their database at all!)

Hey, is there anything anyone would like to know about lettering? I think I have a grand total of 2 readers and one of you knows more about manga production than I do, but if you guys have any requests just let me know…. 😉

Sad news

My contact (and, I hope, friend) at 801 Media has unfortunately left Digital Manga. She outs herself in the comments here as “Kampai” (aw, I kind of suspected that was her, but I only visit the 801 Media forums very infrequently). I will be eternally grateful to her for taking a chance and giving me my first lettering job.

You were great to work with, “Kampai,” and I wish you all the best in the future!