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His Arrogance is out (yes, I finally noticed)

Yay! Amazon says it’s still a preorder, but it’s in stock at Akadot Retail.

(Cover photo tk. Flickr and Yahoo being spectacularly irritating as usual this morning.)


Falling Into Love at Akadot Retail

Hm, looks like you can get your hands on the advance copies of Falling Into Love at Akadot Retail. They did indeed have advances at Yaoi-Con last weekend and I picked up a copy myself. Glad to see their choice of title font and mine echo each other – guess I shouldn’t have worried about going a bit script-y. 🙂 Honestly, the main story in this one is cute, but the companion volume – His Arrogance, which is about Tomohito’s younger brother (it’s set a few years after Falling Into Love) – is even cuter. I personally liked His Arrogance better overall. 🙂 It’s slated to be out in December, but DMP did say some things are running behind (and like many companies they’re having to cut back a bit in the current economic climate) so I’m not sure if it will be out on time. I just turned in corrections, so hopefully it won’t be too long!

Speaking of cute books, picked up a bunch at Yaoi-Con. Just finished Mister Mistress by Rize Shinba (hilarious!) and I finally read Moon and Sandals by Fumi Yoshinaga (masterful, as usual!). But what I’m most looking forward to is Saika Kunieda’s Future Lovers (and of course I can’t wait for the sequel coming out in 2009!).

Speaking of Deux Press titles (Mister Mistress and Future Lovers), as far as I know they’re the only publisher that subtitles asides rather than replacing them. Someone in their panel asked them why they’d made the decision to handle them that way and the response was that they didn’t want to alter the art (asides are hand-written), and also that people who can read a bit of Japanese like to see the original text right there. The person asking the question clearly wished they would just replace it (I think she thought it was too messy). I can see her point (it does look a bit crowded sometimes), but I respect Deux for wanting to preserve the original art as much as possible. Something to think about….

Falling Into Love released (?)

Amazon has it still listed as a pre-order, but I hear there will be copies at Yaoi-Con this weekend. (I’ll be there, too!)

Sad news

My contact (and, I hope, friend) at 801 Media has unfortunately left Digital Manga. She outs herself in the comments here as “Kampai” (aw, I kind of suspected that was her, but I only visit the 801 Media forums very infrequently). I will be eternally grateful to her for taking a chance and giving me my first lettering job.

You were great to work with, “Kampai,” and I wish you all the best in the future!


Every now and then I will look up reviews of the books I’ve worked on, mostly because I like the books and am curious to know what other people thought. Obviously, I can’t take credit for what people like (that all goes to the mangaka and publisher), but it’s nice to see that other people enjoyed something you had a hand in creating. Lettering specifically is rarely mentioned, which is Very Good Thing; like most book type design, lettering should be transparent. (That means the only time people really notice it is when there’s a mistake, eek!)

So, here are a few reviews I’ve found (okay, I “found” most of them them by trolling the 801 Media blog):

The Devil’s Secret
Boys on Boys on Film

The Prime Minister’s Secret Diplomacy (The most popular book I’ve done so far.)
Active Anime
Anime on DVD
Boys Next Door
Boys on Boys on Film
Fujoshi Librarian (Hee! Love the blog name!)
Manga Maniac Cafe
Manga News

I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone (The most unrepentantly dirty book I’ve done so far)
Active Anime
Anime on DVD
Boys Next Door
Boys on Boys on Film
The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society

Freefall Romance
Anime on DVD

Work snapshot

Because I have a day job, I usually commit to lettering only one book at a time. However, I currently find myself in the predicament of having no less than three books on my plate: His Arrogance, Mr. Flower Bride, and Higurashi 2. Last week this didn’t seem so bad, as I had already cleaned nearly all of His Arrogance (the other two require very little cleaning) and was powering through Higurashi 2 at about 10-15 pages/day (Higurashi‘s on a tighter schedule because of the serialization). Then I realized that the latter is over 240 pages! Most manga I work on are more in the range of 170-190 pages. Eep. Still 80+ pages to go. It’s going to be a busy September….

Requisite photo of my workspace:

I’d like to say it always looks this neat, but that would be a filthy lie. Loki, get down!