NYCC coming up this weekend

I was really on the fence about whether to go to NYCC this year – last year I just spent most of the con hanging out at the Yen Press booth, getting in the way, and it didn’t seem quite worth the entry fee and the long, cold walk over to the Javits Center. But now that it’s almost upon us, all the excitement from my friends and the possibility of running into some industry people I haven’t seen in a while are making me want to go. It’ll be good networking, right? 😉 And I can always take the crosstown bus.

(Okay, I may also be slightly influenced by the fact that Sakurai Sho is going to be there.)

In other news, I added the feed to my Twitter (which I update with far more regularity than this) over on the side. So stalk away, Internet! (Why “danasmyth,” you ask? A play on David M. Smyth, inventor of machine book sewing. Yes, I am a book production geek.)


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