Work snapshot

Because I have a day job, I usually commit to lettering only one book at a time. However, I currently find myself in the predicament of having no less than three books on my plate: His Arrogance, Mr. Flower Bride, and Higurashi 2. Last week this didn’t seem so bad, as I had already cleaned nearly all of His Arrogance (the other two require very little cleaning) and was powering through Higurashi 2 at about 10-15 pages/day (Higurashi‘s on a tighter schedule because of the serialization). Then I realized that the latter is over 240 pages! Most manga I work on are more in the range of 170-190 pages. Eep. Still 80+ pages to go. It’s going to be a busy September….

Requisite photo of my workspace:

I’d like to say it always looks this neat, but that would be a filthy lie. Loki, get down!


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